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“I GUARANTEE You Will Never See Another Ant, Roach, Termite, SpiderOr Furry Creepy
Crawley Thing, EVER--- Or Else I’ll Re-TreatYour Home Or Office AND Pay YOU $20 For
Your Inconvenience!”
It’s true! If I don’t completely rid your home or business of all the pests bothering you and
crawling all over the place I’ll retreat your premises AND I’ll pay you $20 for your
inconvenience! How can I make such a bold and daring GUARANTEE?

The answer is simple: My name is Fred Jones and I’ve been running Heartland
Exterminating, Inc. in Sebring, Florida for the last 16 years, I’ve performed
over 32,498 pest elimination treatments and I’ve only had to pay out on
This GUARANTEE, twice. Not perfect, but pretty darn Close.

See, there’s a lot more to killing bugs and eliminating pests and
other nasty vermin, than just filling up a container with “goo”,
and then walking around spraying it all over the place, or
laying down a few traps here and there. Because when it
comes to pests……

It’s what you DON’T know that’s killing you!
“I would like to thank you all at Heartland Exterminating for drawing our name for the wonderful holiday gift basket. It was filled with so many great things to enjoy. We not only appreciate your kindness but we thank you so much for the wonderful job you always do on our lawn. We get so many compliments on our lawn and we always tell them about Heartland Exterminating.” (Bertha & Bob Zingler, Avon Park, FL)

“Thank you for the excellent service and attitude. We will recommend you to all our clients. Please remember our company for your friends when they wants to buy or sell real estate in Highlands County.”
(Century 21 Realty, Lake Placid, FL)

“It ‘s so nice to finally find a pest control company that knows what their doing. After using almost every company in town I have found a home with Heartland Exterminating, you guys really care and it shows. Thanks for the great service!!” (Mae Lee Gilroy, Sebring, FL)
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