“I GUARANTEE You Will Never See Another Ant, Roach, Termite, Spider
Or Furry Creepy Crawley Thing, EVER--- Or Else I’ll Re-Treat Your Home Or Office AND Pay YOU $20 For Your Inconvenience!”
It’s true!  If I don’t completely rid your home or business of all the pests bothering you and crawling all over the place I’ll retreat your premises AND I’ll pay you $20 for your inconvenience! How can I make such a bold and daring GUARANTEE?

The answer is simple: My name is Fred Jones and I’ve been running Heartland Exterminating, Inc. in this area for the last 15 years, I’ve performed over 32,498 pest elimination  treatments and I’ve only had to pay out on This GUARANTEE, twice. Not perfect, but pretty darn Close.

See, there’s a lot more to killing bugs and eliminating pests and other nasty vermin, than just filling up a container with “goo”, and  then walking around spraying it all over the place, or laying down a few traps here and there.  Because when it comes to pests……  

It’s what you DON’T know that’s killing you!

WARNING: CONSUMER ALERT! Call this consumer Safety Hotline to hear a FREE recorded message, 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, To make SURE you’re not getting ripped off when it comes to working with a Pest Control company.
 Discover “5 critical Facts you MUST know, BEFORE Hiring your next Pest Control Company!” 
Call toll-fee for a 24 Hr. Recorded Message:  1-888-876-3035 ext. 90002

That’s why we use a little-known but highly effective pest detection system that uncovers ALL the hidden swarms and nests inside, completely eliminating ALL your prob- lems at home and in your office.  To prove it to you, I’ll even show you where all the dead bug carcass- es are hiding!

In fact, I’m so sure about this, not only do I give you the absolute STRONGEST GUARANTEE in the industry, but I’ll make another promise to you as well, and Here it is: Call us up, right NOW at 863-382-6277 for your Free 7-Step Pest Prevention  Audit, and if I, or one of my licensed and insured techs have wasted your time and you STILL feel the need to call someone else for a quote…………...

I will Pay You Another $20 Dollars….. Right There On The Spot!I give you my word on this, no questions asked, Call NOW because in a case like this, the very WORST Thing you can “wait” since bugs breed non-STOP
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