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  3. How to instantly know if a guarantee is good, or another rip-off
  4. Why you risk a 27% chance of paying too much for poor service unless you follow this simple plan.

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 I’m the owner of Heartland Exterminating, Inc., the company with the only checklist of 57 termite inspection points.  (One that took me 18  years to perfect.)  I’m also the owner of the only Florida bug company with a powerful renewable lifetime guarantee.  (Believe me, if termites could read it, they’d hightail it fast and never even think of coming back.)  Even better, when you call to schedule the treatment, I’ll give you a FREE perimeter pest control service. (A $100.00 Value)”

Both of us know one inspection or termite treatment won’t give you a gnat’s head of what you really want: a termite-free home for the rest of your life.  (Remember, Florida has the highest termite infestation in the U.S.)  That’s why I’m offering you a powerful, termite tight guarantee….
            A RENEWABLE, TRANSFERRABLE THREE-PHASE GUARANTEE that lasts not just for one year, not even five, but for….a lifetime:

  1. If, within one year of your first treatment, we uncover a new colony of live subterranean termites, I will re-treat your home for FREE—and  refund your initial investment.
  2. If, during the first five years of your service contract, we uncover a new colony of live subterranean termites, we will re-treat for FREE.
  3. If, during the first five years and any year thereafter, we uncover a new colony of live subterranean termites, we will re-treat for FREE—EVEN IF YOU SELL THE HOME AND MOVE OUT!  How can I afford such a huge long-term risk?  Read on….

Dear Friend,

            Face it.  Not all pest control companies give termites and bugs an equally bad time.  I’m sorry to say, the industry has problems: con-artists, disreputable dealers, and even national companies who cheat on their customers.  Shame on them!  In the meantime, ten of thousands of destructive termites have been left undetected to party round the clock in hundreds of Florida homes….

            Homes like yours.  Without my unique 57-POINT TERMITE & PEST CONTROL INSPECTION SYSTEM, your home will just sit there exposed to the ravages of all those crawling, chewing, wood-munching critters.  Before you know it, days will have turned into weeks, then months….then years.  If your current bug company hasn’t done the job it said it would, you won’t discover the damage until it’s too late.  (Last year, for example, the cost for repairing termite damage in the U.S. came in at over $1.7 billion!)

            Now you know why you can’t shop termite treatment on just price alone.  It doesn’t make sense, neither for your pocket book nor your piece of mind.  Just one overlooked infestation can result in thousands of dollars more than the so-called “savings”.

            On the other hand, consider this.  As a home owner, think what you could say to a future buyer if your home came with a built-in transferable Termite Guarantee.  One that lasts, not just for one or even five years—but for a lifetime!  I call it my…..

Renewable, Three-Phase LIFETIME Guarantee
(A Guarantee Unheard Of In The Industry!)

            ONE.  If, after 120 days of your first treatment and up to day 365, we uncover a new colony of LIVE subterranean termites, I will re-treat your home for FREE and REFUND YOUR ENTIRE INITIAL INVESTMENT.

            TWO.  If, during the first five years of your active service contract, we uncover a new colony of  LIVE subterranean termites, we will re-treat for FREE.

            THREE.  If, during the five years and any year thereafter of your active service contract, we uncover a new colony of LIVE subterranean termites, we will re-treat for FREE—EVEN IF YOU SELL THE HOME AND MOVE OUT!

            Can you see how much added value that would bring to your home?  Think of how you can impress a buyer with treatment and inspection records.  Records going back several years.  Or, if not years, then a service contract from a reliable termite company you can TRUST.  A transferable service contract with a money back guarantee is unheard of in the industry.

            You want more proof?  You’re not sure of this “trust” idea?  (Okay, I confess, I’m, in a business that has earned little respect in the trust department.)  Even so, you think I’m just saying all this just to get my next termite job?  Well, don’t take my word for it:

Give the Better Business Bureau a call, and ask them.  1-800-834-1267

          Great, you say.  But then, “How can you afford to put your company at the mercy of Mother Nature and all those millions of creepy, wood-destroying bugs, for years and years?”  Simple.  It begins and ends with my 57-POINT BUG INSPECTION SYSTEM.  It took me over 18 years to develop.  That’s the length of time I’ve spent in the “bug zapping” industry.  I know every trick and trouble termites can inflict on a home.  Their life cycles, their mating habits, their swarming tricks, and their social behaviors—even their eating habits.

So just think.  Sooner of later, I’ll have a specific “bug history” for your home.  No termite will ever escape my hunter/killer instincts.  I’ll know exactly what termites are coming and going and where.  And what to do about them—and when.

            That way, both of us will have less fear of re-infestation.  There again, even if you did, I’ll have every incentive to treat you as a highly valued customer, as the following customer found out:

Jennie Nickerson, Couture’s Garden Center (Sebring, Florida):  “I just wanted to say once again, thank you. It is not often that you have such quick service or deal with someone who is so kind and thoughtful. Believe me, all of my customers will be told about you and how well you run your business. You certainly put me at ease and I am truly grateful.”

            Granted, that still may not be enough.  If you’re like most of my new customers, I’d say you’re still worried about not getting the right treatment your home truly needs.  Let me tell you, I understand….

With So Many Liars & Cheats Out There, How Can You Know For Sure I’m Not One Of Them?  You Can Take A Quick, Skeptical Look At My…..


          As I pointed out at the start of this letter, the termite & pest control industry can be real pests themselves.  I read in the paper that:

            --In the late 90’s, Florida’s Attorney General got 480 complaints about, of all companies, Sears.  They’d done a poor job exterminating termites for Florida homeowners.  To add insult to injury, Sears refused to live up to their customer warranties, each valued at $250,000.  The corporate giant tried to wiggle out from under them by pointing to small-print “weasel clauses”.
            --Again, in the late 90’s, one pest control company had to file bankruptcy when a class action suit came against them, involving 1,400 Florida homeowners.  In this case, the company had not properly treated soil prior to foundations being poured.  As a result, the new homes couldn’t keep back swarms of pests.

            --Around the same time, Terminix, one of the biggest pest control companies around, got into legal trouble when they’d been caught drilling dummy holes (or no holes at all) trying to fake treatments for subterranean termites.  Thousands of Florida homeowners complained about their service from Terminix offices in seven cities: Orlando, Longwood, Deland, Jacksonville, Miami, Plantation and Port St. Lucie.

            So what makes you think I’m not one of these liars and cheats?  Words are cheap, I admit.  However, I can at least make the effort to educate you.

            Or, let’s say I’ve treated every nook and cranny in and around your home.  I come over and hand you what I call my 15-STEP CUSTOMER ASSURANCE CHECKLIST.  On it you’ll see a list of everything I should have done, as follows:


  1. Place stickers under kitchen sink and in the electrical panel box, showing when the treatment was done.
  2. Placed magnet sticker on refrigerator, giving our phone number.
  3. Checked for cracks in floors and treated.
  4. Checked for sunken floors and, when found, treated ground below.  (Below these areas, cracks may be found, giving an ideal environment for infestations.)
  5. Locate water shut-off valve.
  6. Treated expansion joints between concrete slabs by drilling holes every two feet and injecting material.  (Very vulnerable since they provide an ideal termite entry point.)
  7. Treated beneath tubs and showers. (Wherever pockets of moisture occur, termites will head for them.  Moisture provides an ideal breeding environment.  Also, the plumbing to the tub and showers allows an easy termite entry point.)
  8. Drilled and treated between floor tiles (if necessary)
  9. Found the exact depth of your concrete floors and treated the ground immediately beneath them.  (This avoids going too deep and missing any pockets of infestation beneath the floor.)
  10. Dug trench around your home and treated.  (This, in effect, gives your “castle” a moat, making it very hard for termites to pass over: (a.) Any termites already in the house can’t get back into the ground without coming into contact with the material; (b.) Any termites in the ground trying to get into your house run into the same problem.)
  11. Drilled and treated each of the two cells in every cinder block. (Stem Wall Only)
  12. Filled and patched drill holes.
  13. Cleaned up waste from drill holes and other treatment areas.
  14. Filled trench.
  15. Picked up all tools.

I read off each item and put a checkmark against it, showing that I have, indeed, completed the task.  I then ask you if you have any questions or concerns.  If you do, I’ll write them down on the checklist form.  I’ll also record, if necessary, my response.  That way, both of us will have a complete record of what took place.  But don’t take my word for it alone.  Listen to what one of my existing customers had to say:

                        “I called your office once about a termite swarm. Someone came out the same day and gave us a ton of information about our termite problem. We scheduled the service for the next day. You showed up on time and did a fantastic job. You even showed us pictures of what was going on under our home. We loved your 100% money back guarantee. Thank you so much. William Smith (Sebring, FL)”


Schedule Your Service During The Next 10 Days and get a FREE pest control service for the perimeter of your home. A $100.00 Value

Call (863)382-6277 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday).

          So what are you waiting for? (The termites aren’t!)  Pick up the phone and call (by the bonus date: see the certificate, next page)

            With benefits and a guarantee like this, HOW CAN YOU LOSE!  So call now.  If you’re in the Sebring area, call (863)382-6277.

Fred A. Jones
Heartland Exterminating, Inc.

P.S.      $100 free service...  Remember, you must call within the ten days, or by the Bonus Date on the Bonus Certificate.

P.P.S.  Choosing a termite control company.  Okay.  You want to know what are the four key measures of an outstanding pest company?  Let me tell you.  Make sure the company:

  1. Has been certified by the Florida’s Department of Agriculture.  To make certain, ask to see a certificate.  (Don’t forget, the certificate can’t be bought, only earned.)
  2. Uses environmentally friendly materials and treatments.
  3. Has an affordable, value-based maintenance program.

Offer a rock-solid, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee.  If you are not 100 percent satisfied, they should re-treat for free and refund your money.

A $100.00 VALUE
Heartland Exterminating Bonus Certificate

Yes, I understand that by calling and scheduling my renewal, HEARTLAND EXTERMINATING will give me a FREE perimeter pest control service.



It seems I’ve got a little space left here… so why not fill it with one more BONUS.
Schedule your service in the next 10 days, and also get a
FREE Attic Dust Service.
A $200.00 Value.

Heartland Exterminating, Inc. is a local company, right here in Sebring, Florida.
Not Kansas, Not Mississippi, Not Timbuktu.

Free Recorded Message Reveals:

  1. 6 facts you must know when choosing a pest control company
  2. How to avoid needless suffering and damage from unethical operators
  3. How to instantly know if a guarantee is good, or another rip-off
  4. Why you risk a 27% chance of paying too much for poor service unless you follow this simple plan.

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