Ripped off by a termite & PC Company


How To Avoid Being Ripped Off
By A Termite & Pest Control Company


5 MISTAKTES TO AVOID WHEN CHOOSING A Termite & Pest Control Company

MISTAKE #1: Choosing a company based on a low price alone.

Low price could be a problem in three ways: (1) Low price can be the bait that attracts your initial phone call.  But when they arrive at your home, you find out the service is a “leader” meaning it’s not something most people would wants.  Then, you’re pressured into paying much more.  (2) The price you were quoted might not be for a “complete” service but instead, a “stripped down model” without benefits you really wanted in the first place.  Rarely does the consumer know this and when told, asks for a complete service solution which winds up costing much more.  (3)  Low price can also mean the company is delivering an inexpensive, inferior quality service.  The problem here is that you won’t see the problems right away.  Problems like sloppy technicians, not showing upon time, poor service or just becoming difficult to use as time goes on all are just a few of the more common problems to expect.  They may not show up right away but often will, several months later.

MISTAKE #2: Choosing a company based on a single phone call.

Instead, have them visit your home and ask them for an inspection and a written quotation.  Most reputable companies will have several services to choose from, starting with basic to deluxe.  After they find out what your needs are, have them show you exactly what choices you have. 

Have them explain in detail some of their various services.  Then you’ll know exactly what’s right for you and won’t be the victim of high-pressure tactics when they arrive for your service.

MISTAKE #3: Choosing a company that doesn’t offer a “risk-free” money back guarantee.

Every company should be fully accountable for their work,  If you aren’t pleased in every way, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.  Period.  Not all companies offer a guarantee.  Or, if they do, it may be confused with a “limited warranty,” something like: “we’ll cover the treatment for this amount of time,” which means you’ll probably get stuck paying for the same treatment again.  Ask the company you are considering hiring if they have a written, money-back guarantee, as well as testimonials from other clients to prove it.  Ask to see a copy of it.  Study it carefully , find out what’s covered, what’s not, and for how long.  Then decide if it’s right for you.

MISTAKE #4: Choosing a company without getting comments or references from their past clients.

Any company can say anything about its past jobs.  Sadly, some of what they say may not be true.  Make sure you ask for references or read comments from current and past customers.  By doing so, you’ll get a much better feel for the integrity and honesty of the company.

MISTAKE #5: Choosing a company with little or no experience in the termite & pest control business, or one where it’s done only as a sideline.

There are several good reasons for this the most important one is that the service you purchase is only as good as the company that backs it up.   I’ve seen many companies come and go in the past some in less than a year or two.  They’ve stuck customers with low quality service and a worthless “lifetime warranty” that’s not worth the paper it’s written on.  It makes us all look bad.  I’ve also seen plenty of downright poor service treatments resulting from inexperienced technicians doing he work wrong, right here in Sebring.

Our company differs from ordinary termite & pest control companies in four important ways.

1.   We’ve dedicated our business to helping you and other consumers understand choosing a termite & pest control company. 
2.  Our technicians have thorough extensive training and testing.  This insures you a professional no hassle service, every time.
3.    We’ll do everything possible to schedule your service at YOUR convenience.
4.     We guarantee every service 100%.  This means that you do business with our company without risk.  If you’re not happy, you don’t pay.

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