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When I started in the Pest Control and Termite business 16 Years ago in Highlands County, I quickly learned that what a building contractor wants to know is: What’s in it for me, and can I trust you?

I’d like to take the next few minutes of your time and answer both of those questions.What’s in it for you is:

Partnering with a local company-16 years in Highlands County-voted 2006 People’s Choice Award for Best Exterminator in Highlands County.

Experienced Bora-Care technicians (personally trained by me)

Super Fast Reaction Time for all our Contractors (You call, We Haul)

Phone or Fax job scheduling

Same-day document prep-No waiting on us for paperwork

Guaranteed Satisfaction ( if we fail you we’ll do the job for free)

Not a bad list, I think you’ll agree. But I’ll go it one better. Just start using Heartland Exterminating for all your Bora-Care and Termite needs and I’ll do the First Job Free! You might want to read that last sentence again, go ahead I’ll wait. See you read it right the first time didn’t you. All you gotta do is call Today 382-6277.

Still not convinced are you?

Ok, let’s take a look at the contractor’s we already work for, I know you’re familiar with these builders:

  1. Gose Construction Inc
  2. Upland Homes Inc       
  3. Ogg Construction Inc   
  4. Homes By Handley      
  5. Spires Construction Inc
  6. Heritage Homes & Development
  7. Stewart Construction   
  8. Sedlock & Heston
  9. Sebring Highlands Builders Inc- Highlands Ridge
  10. Froelich Construction
  11. Mid-state Management
  12. Mielke Construction
  13. Lake Sebring Estate Development Corp

You must admit that’s a pretty impressive group. Can they all be wrong? Are they using a termite company that’s substandard, hard to get along with, never on time, late with paperwork. Not hardly, Just pick up the phone and ask them what they think about Heartland Exterminating ,go ahead I dare you. There’s no way I could say that if I wasn’t 100% sure I knew what they were going to say to you. Right?

The second question of Can I trust You:

Trust is a huge factor in this time we live in. If you don’t trust the people you do business with then why on earth do business with them. I mean if there’s even a question of them being trust worthy how can you afford to take a chance. Trust is something that once you lose it its almost impossible to get back. If after reading all this there’s any question about the honesty and integrity of Heartland Exterminating Inc. call some or all of the contractors above. Trust, it’s that important.

Fred A Jones/Owner/Certified Pest Control Operator

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